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opie1OPIE’14 Show Report
Pacifico Yokohama
23rd to 25th April 2014

The scientific photonics exhibition “OPIE’14” was held at Pacifico Yokohama from the 23rd to 25th of April 2014.
The OPIE Steering Committees, SPIE (USA), The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and representative optical researchers and exhibitors were invited to the opening ceremony on the first day. This year the exhibition was co-located with nanomicro biz / ROBOTECH, which brought a great synergy effect.
As a result, a record 18,237 visitors attended the three day event (combined with nano-micro-business exhibition / ROBOTECH).
A total of 295 companies and organizations exhibited their technology and products at OPIE over 382 booths, which was also a new record.
OPIE consists of six professional exhibitions.
‘LASER EXPO’, the exhibition, which specializes in laser technology, celebrated its 21st year in existence.
‘LENS EXPO’, the lens design and manufacturing exhibition gathers exhibitors involved in all steps of the lens design, processing and evaluation process.
‘IR + UV EXPO’, the infrared and ultraviolet application technology exhibition has received significant attention due to the breadth of its applications and audience, ranging from ordinary consumers to the military and defence.
‘POSITIONING EXPO’ is a unique exhibition that specializes in precise and accurate positioning, indispensable in the optic and electronic devices.
‘Medical & Imaging EXPO’, the medical photonics exhibition that focuses on non-invasive and minimally invasive medical technology and procedures.
‘Space & Astronomical Optics EXPO’, the only exhibition in Japan that specializes in the optics field within space/astrological related technologies and the ever evolving related industries.
For the last 6 years, The Laser Society of Japan’s Industry Award Ceremony has annually been held at OPIE. At OPIE’14, the outstanding performance award went to 3 companies, including Hamamatsu Photonics.
Visitors and Exhibitors from Abroad
The international congress of Photonics ‘OPIC’ is concurrently held with OPIE.
This year, nine professional conferences were held and attended by 782 participants from 28 countries.
As the venue is adjacent to the OPIE venue, researchers from around the would also enter the exhibition area, bringing an international flare to the exhibition.
Due to the features and opportunities that OPIC and OPIE present, the number of international exhibitors has also increased in recent years.
Including co-exhibitors, over 90 companies from outside of Japan participated this year.
Overseas manufacturers, via trading companies and agents counted for over 370 companies.
Variety of Seminars
Seminars are a feature of OPIE.
OPIE invites the leading experts in their fields, to carry out practical lectures, named “Special Seminars”.
This year, three courses were held: ‘The Laser Special Seminar’, ‘The Lens Special Seminar’ and ‘The Infrared and Ultraviolet Special Seminar’ made up of a total 17 individual courses.
Additional special programs, such as “The Space and Astronomical Optics EXPO Special Lecture” (by JAXA and The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), “The Advanced Medical Imaging Symposium” and “The 3D printing Symposium” proved to be very popular, attracting large audiences.
“OPIE’15” is scheduled to be held at Pacifico Yokohama from the 22nd to the 24th of April 2015.
We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to exhibit your products and technology at OPIE’15. We are constantly striving to make our exhibition as fresh and beneficial as possible and are always keen to introduce new companies to it.
★5% off early bird special on applications before 31st October★
★First time exhibitors receive a 10% discount ★
★Basic exhibition fee
★Table-top booth for JPY 190,000 (excludes tax)
★Shell Scheme Package booth for JPY 380,000 (excludes tax)
■ LASER EXPO http://www.opie.jp/en/le/entry.php
■ LENS EXPO http://www.opie.jp/en/lens/entry.php
■ POSITIONING EXPO http://www.opie.jp/en/pe/entry.php
■ IR + UV EXPO http://www.opie.jp/en/uvir/entry.php
■ Medical & Imaging EXPO http://www.opie.jp/en/mi/entry.php
■ Space & Astronomical Optics EXPO http://www.opie.jp/en/sao/entry.php
[Co-located with]
★nanomicro biz / ROBOTECH
★International Congress OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Congress 2015
★OPIE Special Seminar (Japanese)
●LASER ●LENS ●IR + UV ●Space & Astronimy

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